Say no no to yo yo

We ladies have a bad rep when it comes to dieting. We want instant gratification. We need something to fuel the fire to keep us motivated and on the right track. So we opt for the quick fix. But, as you’ve probably heard before, the quick fix doesn’t work when it comes to sustainable weight no to yo yo

Why super-speedy weight loss doesn’t work

  1. It can slow your metabolism. Weight fluctuations can cause havoc with your metabolism and you can end up gaining more weight every time you go on a restrictive diet.
  2. Ditching food groups means ditching essential nutrients. Strict diets that ditch entire food groups may give you weight loss results for a few weeks. But once you start eating normally again, the weight quickly creeps back on. Often, the weight you lose on a starvation diet is due to loss of muscle and water, instead of fat.

How much weight loss is healthy?
Go for ½ to 1kg a week, with a calorie intake of no less than 1200 kcals a day for women and 1500 kcals a day for men.

Don’t waste your money on diet pills
When it comes to diet pills, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For these pills to do their magic, you need to follow an extremely restrictive diet. Some pills may cause fluctuations in your blood pressure, insomnia, nervousness, gastro-intestinal problems and other side effects. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplements, including those that claim to be ‘all natural’.

Track your calories
If you want to lose weight, manage your weight or just stay healthy, being aware of the amount of calories you eat vs. the amount you burn is vital.
Counting your calories is just one way of tracking. You can also track your daily water intake, or whether or not you ate breakfast, for instance. No tracking measure is too big or too small.

Easy tracking tips

  • Concentrate on what you’ve achieved and stay motivated. You’ll soon see the changes in black and white.
  • To make sure your reading is accurate, try to take your measurements on the same device at the same time each time.
  • Look at your calorie intake over a week and over a month – it’s your total calorie expenditure over a period of time that really matters.
  • Use what works for you – it’s not the instrument you use that matters, it’s the awareness that makes all the difference.
  • Why not head over to and start tracking right away? You can track all your movements, even ones outside the gym! It’s super simple.

13 thoughts on “Say no no to yo yo

  1. I see at the lenasia Gyms we still have old running machines, where as Centurion have the latest
    machine, WHY is that ?

  2. Do this for 8 weeks. Guaranteed results. Don’t eat anything with Sugar in it .. sugar itself, any cold drinks whatsoever tea’s, energades etc. pastry, cakes, sweets, puddings, confectionery of any sort. Avoid pasta (yes pasta), potatoes, rice, couscous. Don’t drink any alcohol. Eat lots of green and purple vegetables esp. broccoli and beetroot. Don’t waste your time taking vitamins – they go in one end and out the other. Do a mix of cardio and weights for 30-40 daily. You will get results or you money back. Have fun.

  3. Please help with a daily exercise program and a healthy eating plan? I seem to be weak doing it and following it on my own.

    • Just follow the plan I posted previously. NO carbs for breakfast (cereals, porridge, etc). – have egg (not fried)/cheese/tomatoes/peppers/trout/mackerel etc. 30-40 exercise min daily. Jog/Cycle/Orbitrek (fast as you can).then weights for large muscle groups – legs/back/chest – dont waste your time doing any isolation exercises – squats/lunges/chest presses/rowing machine etc. fast as you can but with good form. Off you go … TODAY!

  4. A good healthy eating plan for gals who workout will be sorely appreciated. I really don’t know if one should take in more protein like the men do, or if that would not be conducive to a healthy program for women — pls advise

  5. hi
    i just had a baby last week n have not been to the gym for a while is there a program for new moms?i ll like to start with training rite away

  6. can we have the “24” class in the afternoon as well at VA worksho. its either they early in the morning( some of us have no cars) or during the day while some of us are working. that is challenging class but some don’t even know about it

  7. I meant – do the large muscle exercise – squats/lunges/chest presses/rowing machine. Don’t bother with curls, triceps extensions, calves etc.

  8. Great article and very informative.

    Let me just contribute by suggesting this handy tool that I use to control my calorie intake:

    It is a free website in which you can register yourself and keep track of all the calories you are taking in and burning. Their food database is very impressive.

    It is also possible to install an app on your phone making it easier to keep track of what your eating.

    For those of you that would like to track your calories, this is a great way to do it.


    Roberto Inácio

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